The Ultimate Cedar Hive with Copper Top

The Ultimate Cedar Hive with Copper Top

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This Pigeon Mountain Brand™ item is available only at Pigeon Mountain Trading Company®. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else! This beautiful, one-of-a-kind hive was designed and hand crafted by our own hive craftsmen. Made from Cedar, this unique showpiece is not only beautiful, but also weighs less than our cypress hives!! Cedar is renowned for its beautiful color, knots, incredible smell and the fact that termites won’t touch it.

Our Ultimate Cedar Hive with Copper Top Kit includes:

  • 1 bottom board
  • 1 hive body
  • 1 medium super
  • 1 small super
  • 1 inner cover
  • 1 copper top
  • 1 entrance reducer
  • frames and foundation

Available in ten-frame or eight-frame size.

Ultimate Hive Stand is not included.

Lead time for this luxury item is two-three months.