Wax Melter

We offer two sizes of wax melters: one for the hobbyist and one for the large beekeeper. Our 20kg stainless steel wax melter is great for the hobbyist who likes to use their beeswax, or sell it to others. Stainless Steel, Double Mesh, 35cm Diameter, 40cm Height, 10kg Gross Weight, Electrical heating, 220V. The 500kg stainless steel wax melter is ideal for the large beekeeper with lots of wax. Stainless Steel, Double Mesh, 90cm Diameter, 1.3cm Height, 100KG Gross Height, 500KG Capacity, Electrical Heating Control Temperature: 70-80 degree, Voltage: 220V/380V. The 500kg wax melter ships freight only and you will need to contact the store for price details. Not eligible for free shipping. Pigeon Mountain Brand