Our Store

Pigeon Mountain Trading Company® is a one-of-a-kind store located in the heart of LaFayette, Georgia. Founded on our owner's love of bees, we are dedicated to providing new and experienced beekeepers alike top quality products. From the simplest of tools to one-of-a-kind hives, Pigeon Mountain Trading Company® has a wide variety of products. Stepping into our store is like stepping back in time. Our products and services are reminiscent of a time gone by, an era when quality was heralded and personal assistance was top notch.

Even though our company focuses mainly on beekeeping, we are pleased to offer a variety of products we feature in "The Bee Boutique". You will find fun and unique items for the home, the patio, the garden, the office, the kids, the friends, and yourself! From t-shirts to tea cups, we have something for everyone...beekeeper or not!