Complete Deluxe Hive in Pine, Assembled

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Purchasing a pine hive is a cost effective way to get started in beekeeping. Because pine grows quickly in the south and is easy to access, the cost is lower than Cypress. This allows you to “get more bang for your buck” when you’re beginning your apiary.

This deluxe hive has everything a beginning beekeeper an extra super!

This deluxe hive contains:

  • One all-in-one hive stand and bottom board
  • One winter protection board (included in bottom board)
  • One 9-5/8” hive body
  • One inner cover
  • One entrance reducer
  • One telescope cover with metal  
  • 8/10 9-1/8” frames with plastic foundation
  • One 6-5/8 super
  • 8/10 6-1/4” frames with plastic  foundation
  • One metal bound queen excluder
  • One plastic Boardman feeder

This product comes in a 10-frame or 8-frame, assembled only.