Complete Deluxe Hive

This item is not eligible for free shipping. This deluxe hive has everything a beginning beekeeper an extra super! The deluxe hive contains:

  • One hive stand
  • One hive body
  • One bottom board
  • One Boardman feeder
  • One inner cover
  • One entrance reducer
  • One telescope cover with metal
  • Ten 9-1/8" frames
  • Ten 8-1/2" plastic foundations
  • One 6-5/8" honey super
  • Ten 6-1/4" frames
  • Ten 5-5/8" plastic foundations
  • One Queen excluder
  • One set of instructions and nails

This product comes in a 10-frame or 8-frame, assembled and unassembled.

If you select "assembled," please note that it will take 2-3 days to assemble before item ships.