Innerview Inner Cover

The Innerview Inner Cover lets you view your bees in your traditional-style equipment without disrupting the hive. With the Innerview cover the beekeeper can use a top entrance, feed/supplement the bees, and regulate ventilation throughout the seasons.

Each Innerview inner cover is milled from unfinished cypress to ensure longevity. There are screened holes in the frame for any management needs the bees require. The transparent glass provides a barrier between you and the bees. Beekeepers can remove the telescoping or migratory cover and check the bees progress and administer services without actually breaking the sealed hive open.

Laminated glass is used because each piece is composed of two separate sheets of glass, separated by a spacer filled with an absorbent media, then sealed. The same reasons why insulated glass is beneficial in your home construction is the reason it is beneficial in the bee’s home. Plexiglass is also an option. While it is a more cost efficient alternative to the laminated model, you may notice scratches on the plexi-glass surface and increased condensation.



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