NEW! Heavy Duty Ventilated Bee Jacket

Our Heavy Duty Ventilated Bee Wear has been updated!! It is now much “softer” than our previous offering! But it is still perfect for the beekeeper with multiple hives. The ventilated fabric keeps you cool while the layering method prevents the bees from stinging you because their stingers aren't long enough to reach your body!

When you don't want the bulk of a bee suit, try our ventilated bee jacket. This will protect your upper body and the ventilation will help keep you cool.

The fencing hood on the Heavy Duty Ventilated Bee Jacket (PMU9262F) has a front zipper so you can open the screen without removing the hood.  Please note if that is the one that you would like. How handy is that?

Available in sizes S through 5XL and comes with a round or fencing hood.

This jacket runs small. We recommend you size up at least one size.

Fencing: PMU9262F (with variations) 
Round: PMU9262R (with variations)