Jump start your beekeeping with a Nucleus Colony from PMTC! Our nucs are created from larger colonies that have been fully established. Each nuc you order consists of five deep frames that contain eggs, larva, capped brood and honey. The advantage of purchasing a nuc is that it is further along in its development than a package of bees would be. Nucs are packaged snuggly in wooden boxes so the frames don’t bounce around during transit. The Queen is housed in a separate cage with five to seven worker bees to care for her. The box has screened vent holes on each end towards the bottom of the box. The lid also has two, large, screened vent holes as well. Please select delivery date and if you will pick your nuc up from the store, or have it shipped USPS. If you choose delivery, the shipping cost is included in the price, and covers shipping, packaging and insurance coverage.


Because of the limited quantity of bees, once you place your order, you will not be able to get your money back.

$246.00 is the price for Store Pick Up. $326.00 is the price to ship USPS.

The date you select is the week the nuc will ship from our facility, not the date the nuc will arrive at your location. Live bees can only be shipped inside the contiguous United States.

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