Pure Honey Label

These decorative honey labels are available in six different sizes and fit a variety of our containers.

PM0107XL fits: PM0373FKIT, PM0373TKIT, PM0352TKIT, PM0329HSKIT, PM0329GFKIT

PM0107L fits: PM0511TKIT, PM0373SKIT, PM0102EKIT, PM0102TKIT, PM0352EKIT, PM0330KIT

PM0107M fits: PM0104SKIT, PM0511TKIT, PM0511SKIT, PM0373SKIT, PM0373TKIT, PM0102TKIT, PM0102SKIT, PM0352SKIT, PM0352TKIT

PM0107S fits: PM0373EKIT, PM0102EKIT, PM0102TKIT, PM0352EKIT, PM0330KIT

PM0107R fits: PM0102TTKIT, PM0102SKIT, PM0329HSKIT, PM0329GFKIT

These labels go nicely with our nutrition labels, PM0108, which are coordinated in size.

Sold in 50s.