Swarm Bandit

Just in time for swarm season!

This product has solved one of beekeepers most prevalent problems ... uncontrolled swarming. The small, easy-to-install device traps the swarming Queen and allows you to decide when and how to move them to a new home. The Swarm Bandit comes fully assembled and installs as easily as an entrance feeder on any hive.

When a new Queen is raised and the hive decides it is time to swarm, the swarming Queen will try to leave the hive -- but the Swarm Bandit will stop her!! The Queen is not able to leave the screened in area of the Swarm Bandit due to the installation of a Queen excluder at the entrance. The worker bees that are trying to leave with her will fill the box and cluster around her on the screen. This will alert you that you have a swarm and that you will need to prepare a secondary hive. Just close the sliding door on the Swarm Bandit, trapping the Queen and workers, and place the entire Swarm Bandit into the waiting home and re-open the door to release the Queen.

The Swarm Bandit: changing the way we deal with swarms!!!!!

Available in three sizes.

10-frame: PM0042T
8-frame: PM0042E
5-frame: PM0042F