Ultimate Garden Hive

Ultimate Garden Hive

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If beauty is just as important as ease of use, then our Pigeon Mountain Trading Company® Ultimate Garden Hive is just what you need! We used all of the parts you can find in our catalog to create this super deluxe hive kit -- with a few great extras! Each super is sealed with linseed oil.

Our Ultimate Garden 10-Frame Hive includes:

  • One Ultimate Hive Stand
  • One Ultimate Hive Cover
  • One bottom board
  • One hive top feeder
  • One original Freeman Beetle Trap
  • One entrance reducer
  • One wood bound excluder
  • Two 6-5/8 supers with frames and plastic foundation
  • Two 9-5/8 supers with frames and plastic foundation

Lead time for this luxury item is two-three months.