Heavy Duty Ventilated Hood Replacement

Pigeon Mountain Brand™ Heavy Duty Ventilated Bee Wear is perfect for the beekeeper with multiple hives. The ventilated fabric keeps you cool, while the layering method prevents the bees from stinging you because their stingers aren’t long enough to reach your body

Working with bees can be messy, and hoods often need to be replaced. Our replacement hoods are made to fit our Heavy Duty Ventilated Bee Wear. All replacement hoods come with a zipper, allowing you to easily remove the dirty one and zip the new one in place.

Available in round or fencing style.

Zippers come in plastic and metal, and must match the type of zipper on your suit or jacket.

These only fit our heavy ventilated bee wear, PM9261 and PM9262.

PM9263 (with variations)