Elbow Room (in the hive)
Bees are extremely busy in the early Spring and Summer! You want to make sure you bees have enough room in the hive and are kept busy. Make sure that you have enough supers for honey storage. If needed, move some of the undrawn frames in a space or two so the bees can draw comb there. If you have an older hive, you might want to swap out some of the older, pollen-filled frames for new ones. This will help keep the bees busy, increase space in the hive, and improve circulation. If bees don’t have enough room in the hive, they will swarm.

As the bees work to fill the frames, you will want to add a super. A helpful tip is to add a super once eight frames have been drawn out in the hive body. You can add as many supers as you like. You will also want to remove the entrance reducer and allow the bees to have free access in and out of the hive. They are going to be busy and you don’t want to slow them down!