Watch out for Fall invaders!
As August turns into September, you want to keep an eye on your hives and make sure that varroa mites and small hive beetles don’t invade your hives. Stock up now on your favorite health products and beetle control items. Our Pigeon Mountain BrandTM items that help combat these hive intruders include Cool Weather Beetle and Mite PasteFeeding Supplement with Essential OilsBeetle CiudadsBeetle Haciendas and Beetle Cabanas. Descriptions of all of these items can be found on our website.

Other available products go on the hive, in the hive, or around the hive! Some require additives, like vegetable oil or water, while others are self-contained traps. ApistanApiguardCheck Mite and Gardstar are effective chemical treatments. The Smalll Hive Beetle TrapBeetle BlasterBeetle Barn and Freeman Beetle Trap are great for the beekeeper who wants a less invasive method of treatment. All of the items are available online.

Enjoy the break you get during August, but plan wisely! You want your hive to be strong as winter approaches. As always, let us know if you have any questions!